Healthy Lifestyle with Good Diet

Posted by Customer Support on 10 September 2019

Men’s sluggishness has increased. With new comforts. Get lazy. Don’t depend. Be independent and make the right choice in life that matters.

Determination still requires consistency. This requires planning. Examine yourself from time to time so that mistakes can be corrected.

Learn to exercise patience. It changes the mindset. Use a smart phone only when needed. Dont make it a necessity Do not apply too much behind physical comforts.

Daily exercise is required. Body and mind stay fit. Feels refreshed all day long

Take everything that your grandmother told you and give it to your grandchildren. Learn and use the medicinal properties of food and ingredients you normally use in the kitchen.

Make changes to your diet according to the season.

Sattvic food also brings good thoughts to the mind and the person’s attitude changes drastically.


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