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Shatajivanti Tablet
Too early to say but seems promising

Too early to say it’s only been a few months but seems promising.

Kishan Oinment

It is amazing. We used it and had a good experience. We also recommend it to others.


Tanvigorex is a very good for stamina but I think taken with combination like tanvishata ant shatajivanti is very much useful.

Tanvijyeshta: Herbal Product for Cough & Snoring- Pack of Two

Tanvishataa tabs

Found Very effective for headache, acidity.

Tanvi herbal medicine

Been using Tanvi tablets and oils for different ailments, in various combinations as per the Tanvi medicines booklet. Results have been very good for entire family.

All-Round Protection Kit - Herbal Immunity Booster

Tanvi skin care products

All products are awesome.i will use them skin is glowing now.

Love the Tanvi Products

Tanvi Products are good to consume, however its expensinve on Tanvi website. We get it on a good discount through local medical stores. Would appreciate if online discounts can be availed.

Tanvishataa: Pack of 4 (120 Tabs) | Herbal Supplement for Immunity, Acidity, Headache & Weakness


This is a gentle face wash which leaves a burst of freshness. Smells good and does it job well. Would recommend buying this than expensive AHA, BHA and what not! Have also tried their skin lotion after wash and it's amazing too. Just try it out.

Body pain vatvikar

GOOD relief

Body Supplement Kit
Shreeram Chougaonkar

Body Supplement Kit

Sweetslimm - 30 Tablets
Shobhana Belnekar
Feels light from Inside.

I normally take this tablet after dinner. It really feels very light inside in the morning.


Its effective against Gas, However it does not give immediate results and only on prolong usage you can see the difference. Anyway as same as I am using TanviShata tablets, one can try at least 21 days to get exact results.

Vatshaanti - 30 Tablets
Mahendra Jadhav
very good

Very useful for all

Very Effective Product

very good product & help to increase immune system overall. must try for everyone for daily use.

Ashwayashtee: Herbal Tonic for Growing Children- Pack of Two

Tanvi Skin Lotion: Herbal Skin & Body Lotion - 100ml

Very helpful

This oil really helped to reduce my belly fat

Tanvishata and vatshanti and tanvijeshta tablets

I am using this tablets ! I had lots of problem stomach achane,bloting,loss appetite and weight loss ,constipation,and always indigestion, always sneering and all but dr medha mam give me advice take the tablets and you feel better and it happens 😊 I am so happy because all my problems are gone and I am so happy all credits goes to Medha Mam thank you mam 😊 I put my wight gain 😊 and also healthy body .my acidity had gone thank you tanvi☺