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How to improve immunity during pandemics and virus infections?

take care from virus_Tanvi Herbals

It has observed that due to virus fear people worldwide are becoming panic, which lowers their immunity and psychological health, so the first thing is don’t panic… Take proper precautions.

If your hands have become rough by washing hands frequently by soap then you must wash hands with Tanvi’s Cucumber Joy Lotion or Ubtan Joy Lotion or papaya joy lotion plus water to maintain the softness of your hands…so frequent hand washing will not reflect on your skin’s health …and you can take body wash also with above Tanvi Herbals fragrance full Ubtan Cucumber Papai Lotions for body hygiene.

Drink ample water but drink it sip by sip and not altogether. This way drinking sip by sip improves your digestion…

To be fit and healthy daily take

This contains herbal extracts of Shatavari, Gulvel, Yashtimadhu, Jirka, Rasna etc., which are as per Ayurveda good immunity boosters and it works as the best supplement for total health.

And still, if you feel cold or throat infections then you can take Santhkaphaa tablet till relief, half of Shatajivanti tablet daily once with above dose after breakfast if it aggravates frequently.

Daily once you can drink herbal health drink Tanviprasham which contains Amla and which is an innovative form of Chyawanprash

Daily morning gargle with Tanvitila edible oil to restore your oral hygiene and take Tanvitila oil on your fingertips and insert and apply in your nostrils this is called Pratimarsh Nasya which will help to safeguard you from catching different infections from your breath.

If you are depressed with the thought of viral infections and getting more panic then take 2 Tanvishataa tablets 3 times a day to energize yourself.

Tanvishataa tablet is the best supplement for total health for glowing skin thick hair and energy and it’s also helpful in many health complaints like acidity, weakness, headache, pimples, Hairfall. Tanvishataa tablets are the best herbal supplement for a sound mind, sound sleep, sound body and happy living

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