Our healthy body is our true friend

Posted by Tanvi Herbals on 18 October 2019

Are you serious about your health?

  • Since we are busy with our daily schedule do we ignore the symptoms shown by our body?
  • Do u feel tired often?
  • Do you have pain in your knees?
  • Is acne problem worsen for years?
  • Do u feel breathless (dyspnea)after walking?
  • Frequent acidity problems?

Still, you are ignoring your health issues?

Tanvi Herbals can help you better !!!

Sweetslim- best fitness tonic. Daily 2 tablets in the afternoon and 1 tablet before dinner helps you to be fit!

Ojasaa is the best tonic for students and elders! It has Brahmi in it. Bramhi helps with concentration and good sleep.

Tanvishata best tonic for all ages. Take daily 2 tanvishata and be fit. It helps for glowing skin acidity and many more. Vatshaanti- best tonic for gases, body pain.

According to Ayurveda our Prakriti is very important and depending on that we need to follow the diet and some other habits

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