Your Health is in Your Hands.

Posted by Customer Support on 03 October 2019

How true is this sentence? Our lives are controlled by chasing our dreams to earn more money and live a bigger life. But do we care about our body the same way we care for money? Sincerely think that your body is your real friend.

In Ayurveda, our body is made of Doshas namely Kapha, Pitta & Vata. Whenever there is anxiety, it is necessary to control the diet for the disorder. There should be a strict diet and the main one is the habit of eating on time. Heavy foods such as bread cheese should not be consumed frequently.

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Your diet should be according to your digestive tract. Cereal, Pulses, leafy vegetables should be included in all meals. If a meal is cooked hot, its better for your digestion. Saliva is released in the mouth so that the digestive tract is well lubricated and digestion is good. And don’t drink too much water right away, it can cause indigestion.

To improve digestion, Tanvijyeshta and Tanvitrifala Satva must be taken with warm water every night while sleeping. Having a meal or sitting in Vajrasana helps in good digestion.

If acidity is a problem, take regular medication. You should exercise regularly. The sweat must go through the body. Sleep should be calm and calm.

tanviherbals_healthy diet

Include Salad, sorghum or curry, rice, mango, vegetable, good-tasting nutritional. It shows you what your body does not want. Those signs should be identified at the right time and you should be healing at the right time.

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